Make Advanced Search QueriesP

All the Awesome Spotlight Shortcuts You Didn't Know ExistedSEXPAND

Spotlight’s beauty lies in its simplicity. It’s a single search bar that can find nearly anything on your machine with a few keystrokes. However, if you need to perform more advanced searches, you can do so without ticking a bunch of boxes and filling out advanced search forms. You just need to use a few operators—not unlike the operators you’d use on Google or Gmail. These include:P

  • Boolean operators like AND, OR, and NOT to to include or exclude terms. For example, invoice NOT paypal or invoice -paypal will find you all files that contain the word invoice and don’t contain the word “paypal”, which can be useful for filtering out certain items. You could even go more advanced with parentheses and quotes, like invoice AND credit NOT (paypal OR "google checkout").P
  • You can search for files of a specific type by using the kind operator, e.g. invoice kind:pdf.P
  • You can search for files from a specific date range using operators like created or modified, e.g. invoice modified:yesterday for something modified yesterday, or invoice created:1/1/2012-4/10/2012 to find something created in between January 1st and April 10th.P

These are just a few examples of the advanced searches you can make. Experiment with common operators to see what else you can find.

Credit to:Whitson Gordon